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We understand private schools.


By offering small classes, dynamic instructors, and an abundance of exciting extracurricular activities, private schools support their students in achieving their full potential. Jordan Prep was founded for the same reason. Our mission is to help motivated students excel on the SAT, so that they can access every possible collegiate option and find the one that’s right for them, without their test score holding them back.


We work closely and exclusively with private schools. Over the years, what we’ve found is that private school administrators want high-quality SAT prep that integrates into, rather than takes over, their students’ already-busy lives. Our clients include some of the most well-regarded boarding schools in North America. They told us they wanted flexibility, reliability, and quality, and we listened.

At Jordan Prep, adaptive scheduling of our courses is the foundation to creating exceptional results. Our students dramatically raise their scores when they master our concepts, strategies and techniques, but if students can’t attend our course because of conflicts, they won’t be able to achieve the fullest understanding and maximum improvement.


How do we facilitate convenient scheduling and an attendance rate of nearly 100%? Unlike other courses that have schedules fixed in advance, Jordan Prep has built-in flexibility. We schedule several “flex days” in addition to the main schedule; then we communicate throughout the course to avoid conflicts. Inevitably unexpected situations occur. For example, perhaps the debate team qualifies for a tournament that will have several students away for a session. No problem—we change that class’s scheduled date to one of the flex dates we’ve set aside. And if a certain time might be more convenient—say, morning instead of afternoon or evening—we will schedule the classes to accommodate this as well.


Accommodating the often-unpredictable nature of private school life is where Jordan Prep shines. The result is that every student has the greatest opportunity to attend SAT prep at a date and time that works for them.

Jordan Prep stands out for our small group classes. We have a maximum class size of 11 students. Other SAT providers have a minimum class size of 12, and classes can be as large as 30-40 students. Small groups let us work closely with each student, to deliver the material they personally need to fill comprehension and strategic gaps and maximize their score. Through diagnostic testing and in-class observation we monitor each individual student’s progress, and make interventions where optimal.

Small Groups

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Adaptive Curriculum

When we looked at other SAT prep courses, we quickly saw a major problem: the curriculum is one-size-fits-all. This results in some students feeling lost when advanced topics are covered, while other students experienced boredom with concepts they were already strong in. A student scoring 1000 on the SAT needs a very different set of skills to improve than does a student starting with a 1400, yet both students receive the same lessons in traditional SAT prep. Further, many students who are using English as a second language benefit from more comprehensive reading and writing instruction.

Jordan Prep solves this problem by organizing our small group classes by strengths and abilities. Now, students with similar needs receive lessons tailored to those needs. The benefit is higher score improvements and less time wasted. Our tailored approach allows each student to achieve the maximum improvement from his or her starting point. Our system works! We’ve had Foundations of Math students get accepted to the Ivy League, and non-native English speakers dramatically improve their reading and writing scores.

High Quality Instruction

Our instructors understand what it takes to get a perfect score on the SAT. We take the official SAT throughout the year and stay on top of the practice SATs as they come out, enabling us to keep our curriculum and strategies current as the College Board makes changes to the test. There is no guesswork here- we know how to answer every question, and we know how to score top scores on the real SAT. This translates into exceptional instructors capable of equipping students to achieve their best score.

Let's achieve great things together. Contact us to discuss how we can help your students improve their scores or read more about our school success case study.

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