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Let's achieve great things together.

Let's open doors to academic, athletic and scholarship success... together. Jordan Prep is passionate, dedicated, and fully committed to helping students demonstrate that they are ready for university by achieving an excellent score on the SAT and ACT.

We asked our students what they wanted in the perfect course of test prep. They told us they are simply too busy for typical SAT or ACT prep courses, with their unnecessarily long and large classes, inflexible scheduling, and one-size-fits-all curriculum. With Jordan Prep, you will receive a tailored program that addresses your specific needs and works around your schedule—not the other way around. And it will be taught by expert, dedicated instructors (our instructors take the actual SAT and ACT multiple times per year and have a minimum score of 98th-percentile). We know what it takes to go to American universities; the experience is life-changing, and we want to help the next generation of students access all possible opportunities.

The admissions landscape is more competitive than ever.

Many more students are applying to top-flight American universities than in the past. These universities aren't growing in undergraduate population, however. Many more applications aimed at a limited number of seats means that students have to work harder to make their application stand out from the crowd.

It hasn't taken a long time for the situation to change dramatically. Twenty years ago, acceptance rates to schools such as Yale and Stanford were as high as 20-22%. Today, the admissions rate for these, and similar, ultra-selective schools is astoundingly low— a mere 5 to 6%—and preparing for the SAT or ACT has gone from optional to obligatory. The competition for seats and the great wealth of qualified candidates from around the world means that you cannot leave room for doubt in your application about your college readiness by submitting an insufficient SAT or ACT score..


They key to these tests is that, while weak score can give schools a reason to reject you, a strong score can have the opposite effect: it can open doors to a wealth of incredible academic, athletic, artistic and scholarship opportunities. Your SAT or ACT score can actually be an asset to your application, rather than a liability.

The busy lives of today's students.

The life of a modern secondary student is packed with rigorous academics and a long list of extracurricular activities. Preparing for the SAT or ACT is yet another commitment. So many of our students report test prep with other companies being a burden—there are long classes, inflexible scheduling that often conflicts with other commitments, and an inefficient, one-size-fits-all curriculum. We think this is crazy. We think test prep should make your life easier, not harder.


The SAT and ACT are not like anything else you’ll encounter in high school. They are each four-hour long multidisciplinary exams that test a wide variety of reading, writing, and quantitative skills. Not only are the tests long, each section is packed with enough questions that completing each section on time is a challenge for every student. The questions are difficult, and it is easy to make sloppy mistakes that cost you points.


Jordan Prep uses an innovative approach to SAT and ACT prep that not only solidifies students’ verbal and mathematical skills, but also builds their 1) speed, 2) accuracy, and 3) endurance—all of which are mandatory skills needed for excelling on this exam.

What We Do

Small Classes

Adaptive Curriculum

We use diagnostic testing and in-depth score reporting and analysis to determine each student’s strengths and needs; by combining these results with the small group nature of our program, we are able to  and deliver a tailored curriculum to each small group. No longer are students given material that is too advanced or too basic for the level they’re at. We’re after score improvements, and each student will need different concepts and techniques to raise their score. Each group gets the material needed to advance on the SAT. Better results, less time.

Adaptive Scheduling

Jordan Prep delivers its best-in-class score improvements on a schedule that works with students’ other commitments, resulting in a program that supports their SAT preparation rather than being burdensome. We incorporate flex dates and adaptive scheduling to ensure that every student has the opportunity to avoid conflicts, attend 100% of the classes and get the highest possible score.

Expert Instruction

Our highest-caliber instructors give parents confidence that their students are being taught the best possible methods by someone who is dedicated, familiar with the SAT and capable of achieving a perfect score. All of Jordan Prep’s instructors have personally scored at least the 98th-percentile on the SAT. Our instructors are one of the reasons why last year Jordan Prep achieved an average score improvement for its students of almost four times the typical SAT prep course.

We have determined that students prepare for the SAT best in small groups. While other programs have a minimum class size of 15, we have a maximum class size of 15. This cultivates meaningful discussions while enabling us to deliver personalized feedback. It also allows us to do something else that is extremely important: employ an adaptive curriculum tailored to each small group’s needs.



Last year, Jordan Prep students had an average score improvement of 115.7 points, nearly four times the average of typical SAT prep companies. 20% of our students achieved score improvements of 200 points or more, and 20% scored in the 97th-percentile and above, the top 3% of all test-takers. We had Foundations of Math students get accepted to the Ivy League, and ESL students score above the 90th percentile on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. Recent acceptances have included ultra-selective schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth and Penn. We are extremely proud of our students’ success, and we count ourselves as truly fortunate to be able to work closely with motivated students and excellent, supportive schools.

We are dedicated to providing the perfect program of SAT preparation. This means scheduling classes around your commitments, small classes that adapt to your particular needs, and the best curriculum, taught by high-ability instructors who validate Jordan Prep’s techniques and strategies by achieving top SAT scores themselves multiple times per year.


Jordan Prep is focused, efficient and fun. We ask our students for a dedicated commitment to completing every aspect of the course, and they are happy to oblige because in return we promise to deliver value every minute of every class, with no wasted time.

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