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The busy life of a private school student.

Rigorous academics, homework, tests, projects and reading assignments. Sports practices, competitions, arts classes, field trips, club meetings, and volunteer work. The modern private school student engages in a nearly unlimited plethora of rewarding activities and commitments. Finding time for it all is a never-ending challenge.

Then Grade 11 comes along and suddenly you need to add serious SAT or ACT prep to this already-long list. The question is this: how can you ensure you get the results you need from your test preparation, without sacrificing or shortchanging your other commitments?


Enter Jordan Prep.


Jordan Prep’s unique approach makes SAT prep as effective as possible while taking the minimum time from students’ busy schedules. Expert instructors teach in small groups with an adaptive curriculum to deliver the maximum results possible for each of our students. Our mission is to deliver SAT prep that makes your life easier, not harder.

The result is better scores with less stress, less time, and less conflict with your other activities. You can confidently submit applications to your dream schools knowing that you gave yourself the best chance to be the best candidate you can possibly be.


Recent students have achieved improvements of 200, 300, even 400 or more points on the current 1600-point version of the SAT, and have secured admissions to extremely selective schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth and Penn. Our students use their improved scores to win scholarship money and open the doors to every scholastic opportunity possible.



With class sections capped at 15 students, everyone is engaged in the conversation, able to ask questions and get individual attention.



Students are grouped by strengths and needs for a tailored learning experience. No time is wasted. You learn the concepts and strategies that will get you the most points!


The small-group, adaptive nature of the course means students spend two-thirds as much time in class as with traditional one-size-fits-all SAT prep, but gain substantially greater improvements.



Classes are taught by expert instructors, with a minimum score of 98th-percentile on the SAT. Our instructors take the SAT multiple times per year to always stay current with the test.

How it works.

Scheduling. We schedule our classes when we know it will work for you and your school commitments, whether that's Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Flexible scheduling is a key component of why Jordan Prep students are so successful. We know that if you can't attend all our classes, you won't be able to achieve the greatest possible improvement.

Small Classes and Adaptive Curriculum. Your school knows the value of small class sizes, and so do we. That's why our classes are capped at just 11 students. Furthermore, we group students into the small group that matches their strengths and needs, and teach an adaptive curriculum that addresses those needs. These means you will always see material that is relevant to you, with no more wasted time.

Dynamic, Experienced Instructors. Our instructors have been where you are. We took the SAT and ACT as high schoolers; we still take the SAT and ACT now. We know what these tests are about, what doors they can open, and how challenging, yet beatable, these tests can be. We have great empathy for your situation, and we use it to create improvements in each of our students, no matter what their starting point is. It's our mission to help you get better results on this test.

A Purpose. The team at Jordan Prep knows just how powerful the SAT and ACT can be. We know firsthand that these tests can open doors to tremendous academic, athletic, artistic and scholarship opportunities, and we're dedicated to helping the next generation of students have access to as many such opportunities as possible. Let's open as many doors as we can... together.

It's never too early to explore college admissions. The College Board is a great place to start your search by getting facts and figures on lots of American schools. College Confidential has some great discussions. Individual school websites have good information. There are so many schools to choose from, it's important to choose the right one for you. For more information on how to get there, go to our College Advice page.

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